High Standards

At GalenicumSAG we ensure that the customer is highly satisfied.

This means that we have to adapt to the customer’s demands and, therefore, be very versatile.

Our quality system is one of the main pillars of our company. It is a priority for all the staff who work here and guides our actions and decisions.

We strive every day to comply with the regulatory and normative requirements applicable to the sector, as well as those agreed with the customer. The common goal is to provide our customers and patients with safe, effective and quality medicines.


We work so that the safety of their people is an absolute minimum, our commitment to the environment and a sustainable industry make us a company with a spirit of continuous improvement.

We all share a commitment to success and responsibility, and know-how, good practice and team spirit are what make us grow and stand out from the crowd.

We know that people are the company's best and most valuable asset and that is why we strive to ensure that the processes are carried out in the most efficient and effective, but above all in the safest way possible.

Remember, prevention is health and it’s in everyone’s hands.


At GalenicumSAG we use one of the most abundant natural resources in Spain to supply the factory: the sun. A pioneering move in the pharmaceutical industry, we have covered the roof with 2,568 solar panels, providing 800 KWh of energy on an average day and a reduction of 594 tonnes of CO2 per year.

“In six years, our solar plan should have paid for itself. When the factory is not in use during the weekend or during the holidays, we plan to sell the excess energy to the energy companies”, said the plant's Engineering and Maintenance Manager who has led this project.

The deployment of solar energy panels is part of an ambitious plan to make sustainability a core principle of the company's strategy, which will be complemented by other initiatives in the coming years.

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