Manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical products in multiple formats

The Galenicum SAG production plant is a state-of-the-art facility with a manufacturing capacity of more than 50 million boxes per year, combining multiple formats: tablets, coated tablets, capsules, semi-solids, granules, liquids, creams and powders, all for human use.

Our customers are pharmaceutical laboratories that need to outsource part of their production and/or supply of medicines anywhere in the world. We are GMP (Europe), ANVISA (Brazil) and GILS (Russia) certified. 

Contract Manufacturing Service

We offer services for both part of the development and/or production process, and for all of it, from the conception of the idea to the release of batches and their delivery to the customer's logistics centres.

The pharmaceutical laboratories that contract our services as CMO highlight our adaptability, experience and level of service.

Multifunctional Plant

We are an integrated multifunctional plant with the capacity to produce and condition all types of pharmaceutical forms: tablets, coated tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, granules, powder, semi-solids, creams, liquid for external use and liquid for internal use.

Our plant is constantly evolving and improving in terms of processes, technology and equipment to ensure efficiency. We also have highly qualified and capable staff to serve our customers.

High Standards

We aim for our plant to be the best, and therefore fully focus and commit to standards that we must not only meet, but surpass, aspiring to excellence. Quality is essential in our industry to achieve our aim, which is to improve people's health. In addition, at our plant we are firmly committed to the environment and to any spositive impact we can have on society. During 2020, we installed solar panels on our entire roof, and today more than 25% of the energy we consume comes from them.

Our People


Even in the toughest of times we have experienced during the pandemic, our people have shown exceptional commitment. Their efforts and attitude enable us to deliver for our customers, and indirectly for all healthcare workers and society as a whole. We manufacture a wide range of medicines, several of which have been and are critical for coping with COVID, for example paracetamol, we being one of the main manufacturers with more than 40% of the Spanish market. For all these reasons, we are very proud of our people and of our contribution during this crisis.

Key Figures

  • facturacion-2020-43-millones-de-eur-20210420121801.png

    +43 M €
    Turnover 2020

  • productos-presentaciones-v3-20210428093008.png

    +50 / +100
    Products/ Different Packaging formats

  • capacidad-de-produccion-anual-20210420121801.png

    +50 M
    Annual Production

  • exportaciones-20210420121801.png

    We export to

  • clientes-20210420121801.png


  • energia-solar-20210420121801.png

    Solar energy

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